What you can do to eliminate bags under your eyes, for good

Breaking down the real, daily culprits.

Few things are more frustrating than trying to conceal dark circles and bags under your eyes. No matter how much concealer or home tricks you use, they always seem to peek through. Here’s what causes them. How to create a long-lasting solution. Plus, what to use when you’re in a pinch.

What causes bags and darkness, regardless of your age.

Permanate solutions ultimately come from within. Check in with your body and see if any of these apply for you.

  1. Medication. Steroids, long-term use of antibiotics, long-term use of pain killers are just a few categories of medicines that cause bags and dark circles. You might need to consult your doctor about alternative medicines. Though, if that is not possible, there are still solutions for you.

  2. Gut health. Your microbiome matters! Gut imbalances are commonly connected to inflammation throughout the body. Getting rid of foods that cause reactions, like headaches, and introducing probiotic rich foods will help if you think this could be you.

  3. Allergies. Did your bags or dark circles show up suddenly? Check if you also have other, more common, allergy symptoms. Allergy meds might be the solution!

  4. Smoking. It makes your skin less elastic and sag more to start. Combine that with nicotines stimulant properties and you’ve got unhappy skin that also is filled with fluids. PS: same issues go for vaping here too.

  5. Sleep. Your skin under your eyes is so thin that dark circles and bags under your eyes become visual indicators that you need to sleep. That’s why people most often refer to eyes when they say, “you look tired.” Here’s what’s happening. When your body is still tired, your blood vessels around your eyes dilate and cause more blood to pool. This happens all over, but, because your skin under your eyes is so thin, we can see the pooling happen in the form of bags and darkness. Try prioritizing sleep for a few weeks and see how your skin transforms!

  6. Not taking off your Makeup. Keeping makeup on for too long, especially overnight can be irritating for your skin. This is especially true for around your eyes where the skin is super thin. So, wash that face!

  7. Diet. Very salty foods and highly processed foods in particular can be culprits here. These types of food will cause your body to retail liquid, especially around your eyes. One tip for diet and skin is, if it came from the “center aisles” in a grocery store, be wary and check for high salt / words that sound like they’re from a science lab.

How to supercharge your battle the bags.

Eye creams can save you if you need a quick fix now, and, they can supercharge your path to a long term solution. But, generic one's one cut it.

The key is to get eye cream with the right ingredients for the job. Most are just moisturizers with temporary solutions, but some made to tighten skin and move fluid away from your eyes while building back your skin’s elasticity.

Look for an eye cream that contains some or all of these ingredients:

Neem. Neem leaves are full of antioxidants, moisturizing triglycerides and vitamin E. Neem is natural and will reduce darkness, firm your skin and get fluids moving from around your eyes.

Cucumber. There’s a reason cucumbers are seen in all spa scenes at the movies. They work! Well, the properties of cucumbers work. Full of vitamin C, Folic acid and incredibly hydrating. Cucumber Folic acid will help your body fight inflammation under your eyes and reduce swelling. The vitamin C stimulates new cell growth to bring back, “bright eyes.”

Squalane. Go for a naturally derived one. Squalane is super light weight and incredibly powerful at delivering hydration skin cells. It works so well compared to other hydrating peptides because your skin already make a lot of it. So, you’re giving it more of what it actual uses.

A good eye-cream solution will last for a very long time, help your eyes today and help you accelerate your path tp saying goodbye to those bags forever.

If you want to supercharge your battle against the bags under your eyes, we've linked one we love below. It is all natural and contains all three ingredients that actually work!

Our favorite super-charged eye cream.