COVID-19 Response

How the Volim Team is Responding to COVID-19

Benefits to Frontline Workers

We understand the courage, willpower and heroic efforts being made by those in the medical field which has now become the front line of defense against COVID-19. Selflessly putting their own personal safety, comfort and lives second to their patients in order to help those in need. With that said, we've also noticed that self love has never been more deserving to said healthcare workers - and that's why we are offering discounts to those in the medical field.

Email: with proof of employment in the medical field and we will provide a private coupon code for 30% off of your entire first order with Volim. Name and shipping address must match proof of employment.

Statement & Our Mission

During the unprecedented times experience with COVID-19 coming into our lives it's safe to say that countless lives, social norms and how we go about our days have been significantly affected. We're extremely grateful for the support, testimonials and kind words received regarding our products and that's why we will continue to operate strictly online so that you can safely receive all of the self love products your skin loves & needs. All of our facilities, employees and production processes will forever continue to put safety, ethics and quality first to ensure that your experience with us will never be hindered. We are eternally grateful for your support, hoping that you and your loved ones are happy, healthy and safe as possible.