How to Fight Signs of Aging - Before They Begin

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Preventing signs of aging is just as important (if not more) than managing the signs you may have already come across. 

Haven't seen any yet? Good for you for thinking ahead! Regardless of age - NOW is the best time to start thinking about preventative skincare. Trust us, it’s a lot harder to get rid of those aging spots once they actually get here. You might as well put in a little bit of work now to keep that smooth, youthful glow as long as you can. Luckily, the best way to treat your skin is by understanding why we end up seeing fine lines and wrinkles.

Why do we get wrinkles in the first place? It all comes down to collagen production. When we’re young, our bodies make this essential protein with ease, and it makes our skin hydrated and elastic. After we hit the age of about 25, collagen production decreases, and we’re left to battle with increasingly dry and saggy skin. 

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help keep collagen production in tip-top shape. Let’s dive into some easy lifestyle changes you can make now to reduce your chances of developing wrinkles later in life: 

  1. Use sunscreen. There’s a reason your mother always insisted that you put on sunblock before even leaving the house. The UV rays from the sun can reduce collagen production, and, as you have probably heard, can even lead to skin cancer. Wear a hat when you go outside, always don your sunglasses, and sit under an umbrella when you hit the beach. You’ll be doing your skin a gigantic favor.  
  2. Stop smoking. Smoking is just as bad for your skin as going outside naked on the hottest day of the year. Scientists found that smoking tobacco slows the body’s natural production of collagen, just like UV rays, so try to kick the habit ASAP to save your hide (literally). 
  3. Drink more water. Are you getting your eight glasses a day? Since collagen helps keep your skin hydrated, you might need to rely on extra water to fill in the gap when your body produces less. Plus, you’ll help flush out toxins and repair your body on a cellular level. There’s no reason not to have a full glass in front of you at all times!
  4. Cut back on sugar (and BBQ). Sadly, your favorite desserts aren’t doing your skin any favors. Research shows that sugar is a major culprit in skin aging due to by creating a sneaky harmful compound known as advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. Interestingly, foods that are grilled, fried or roasted also contain AGEs at higher levels than foods made with water-based cooking methods like boiling or steaming. Time to dig out that old forgotten steamer basket and pass on the cookies!
  5. Eat a nutrient-rich diet. There’s no better way of getting your vitamins than by making sure you’re eating a balanced diet. Specifically, it’s important to get enough foods with healthy fats for hydration, antioxidants that fight free radicals, and vitamin C, which helps your body increase collagen production. A few of our favorite skin-healthy foods: avocado, salmon, bone broth, broccoli, citrus fruit, and green tea. 

These are all important tips to keep in mind while you’re awake -- but how about when you’re asleep? 

We’ve got you covered around the clock with our new Snooze Boost overnight neuropeptide mask. It works in two ways: it hydrates your skin with a highly absorbable form of collagen, while helping to jumpstart your body’s natural collagen production. The end result is smooth, supple skin first thing in the morning -- no more dashing for your morning moisturizer to undo eight hours of dehydration!

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